How long will the project take?

Theoretical phase (1) | Duration 3 Months

  • Instruction at a language institute of the IB (SIS)
  • 530 hours of instruction, 5 days/week, (Books will be provided)
  • Goal: Final exam certification at the B1 language proficiency level
  • You will receive: Project contract and language course agreement
  • Within this time frame, job interviews and work shadowing in future workplaces will take place, and possibly the opening of bank accounts, registration with the health insurance company through the future employer

Practical phase (2) | Duration 6-12 months

  • Employment in geriatric care facilities or clinics throughout Germany
  • Language instruction once per week
  • Goal: Final exam certification at the B1 language proficiency level
  • You will receive an employment contract
  • Possible preparation for an assessment test

Who are my contacts?

Tutor (conversant in English language and language of the relevant country), teachers, project management, head of language institute, recruiter (conversant in English language and language of the relevant country)

What documents will be needed?

Presentation of the following documents before the start of the project:

  • Proof of citizenship through identification card or passport
  • European health insurance card for EU citizens
    >> for non-EN citizens: Voluntary Mavista health insurance/3 months > 33.10 € will be charged by us.
  • 1 passport photo
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) in Europass format with photo, German and English, printed and in digital form
  • Birth certificate and if married, also marriage license
  • Certificate of good conduct in original form, newly issued (no more than 3 months old) from the home country (and from Germany)
  • Graduation diploma, if appropriate (if available)
  • Diploma of the vocational qualification in the original
  • Translation of the vocational qualification in the German language by a sworn translator
  • School report cards during apprenticeship (1st - 4th grades) + translation
  • Overview of hours and courses + translation
  • Specialised internship + translation
  • Professional examination + translation
  • Registration at the nurses’ chamber (if available) + translation
  • License (if available) + translation
  • Certificate of conformity (only for EU citizens)
  • Appropriate language certificate (if available)

What does participation cost?

  • Prefinancing by the employer (Clinic/geriatric care facility) 6.800,– € plus VAT (Course, room and board, language course, job placement)
  • Repayment of 50%, (3.400,– €) by you

For this, approximately 150 € will be withheld from earnings for 24 months from the start of employment

NOTE: Entire sum is due if project is terminated in the first three months!
The employment contract is, as a rule, indefinite but is designed for at least 24 months.

Do I need money during the first three months?

  • A recruiter service fee : 300 €, payable on arrival non-refundable which includes also: Arrival transportation, end of project departure transportation to and from Bus/Air Terminal in Stuttgart Germany and recruiter assistance during 3 month Project.
  • Damage Deposit: 200 € which will be transfered accordingly to your German Bank account after final inspection.   
  • Travel costs to Germany: 100 – 200 €
  • Evening/weekend meals, around 100 - 200 €/month

Where will I live?

Phase 1:

Double room in IB Hotel or Stuttgart Boardinghouse
Breakfast and lunch Monday - Friday; self-service use of kitchen evenings and weekends,
washing machine available
Phase 2:
Personnel dormitory or apartment/WG

Where will I work?

All over Germany

How much will I earn?

To read up on this:
> TVÖD classification table in the internet
> Gross/Net calculator in the internet

Please note:

Decisions on exact amount will be made by the employer!

What kind of visa do non-EU citizens need?

Visa Options will be discussed upon our initial Interview via Skype or telephone.

Who pays for the B2 language course?

The employer decides who will finance the B2 language course.

When do I have to arrive? Do I get vacation?

Project start and end are binding and will be conveyed to you in good time. There is no vacation during the 3-month language course.

What else is important to know?

1. For non-EU citizens, the responsible regional council checks the equivalency of the vocational qualification and requests, as a rule, participation in an extra-occupational assessment test before recognition of the qualification. Here costs can be incurred (about 1,400 €) which will possibly have to be refinanced.

2. During the three-month language course, meeting the online deadline for the German embassy in the country of origin to issue a visa in connection with admission to the German job market is essential. You must let us know promptly what this deadline is.

Please note: Processing time at the Federal Labor Office and the embassy can take up to 12 weeks.

How can I get in touch?

We communicate via Skype, e-mail, through the recruiter and face-to-face if job interviews take place in your home country.